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Private Branding

Adaptability is our strength. If you are looking to grow your organization organically and serve your region and market with your own brand of adhesive and sealants, Advanced Adhesive Systems is the partner you are looking for.

The Benefits of Private Labeling Are Many

  • Control over production: Low minimum orders, just in time delivery, special packaging, blind drop shipments – you have complete control.
  • Control over pricing: Advanced Adhesives Systems will work with you directly on pricing in order to offer you the most competitive pricing. Since you have control over the product and brand, you get to determine product cost and pricing – no more “fixed” margin models dictated by major adhesive suppliers.
  • Adaptability: We’ll grow with you as your private brand grows. Changes in package, labels, and even formulation changes are not an issue for us. We are partners, not business associates, so you will get direct contact with the decision makers.
  • Control over branding: All products will bear your brand name and trade dress.
  • Control over profitability: Since Advanced Adhesive Systems offers a low cost to entry with private labeling, you control the level of profitability.
  • Reduced competition: With a private label, you own your product and brand. You’re no longer competing on price alone, but on service, relationships, and your expertise.